Gabriel Batz – Tacana (original Mix) on Revolution Radio
Gabriel Batz
Tacana (original Mix) / Progressive House
Paul Nedokhliebov
Привет всем)Музяка найс)
Paul Nedokhliebov
Егор Батрудов
ребят какой трек играл в 22 27
Гена Шкодин
Kontroller Project на связи всем хорошего и приятного дня)))
Amruth Jalagam
why can't we see the songs from before
Леонид Ильич
Наталья Митрофанова
Denis Evlakhov
Стас Голоштенко
петр федоров
предыдущий трек - неплох даже очень..
Gri-Gri Gri
а название скиньте
Alla Lyutaya
Сергей Кузнецов
петр федоров
Acidova Cosmic Flow (blazer Remix) - бомба!!!
Сергей Кузнецов
Gri-Gri Gri
Gri-Gri Gri
Вася Питерский
Делает отличные темы!
Вася Питерский

ТОП лучших подкастов на радио по мнению наших слушателей

ТОП лучших подкастов на радио по мнению наших слушателей за неделю

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Alex Negniy - Trance AIR 474 [03.03.2021]

02:01:28, 167.03 Mb, 192 kbps, 04 марта 2021 в 19:00
Trance AIR - Стартовал, как серия часовых миксов с периодичностью и переросло в Еженедельное двухчасовое радиошоу, с приглашением отечественных и зарубежных DJ и музыкантов, захватывааеющее все больше и больше Слушателей на всей территории не только Украины, России, но и всего СНГ, поклонников транс-индустрии, которое выпускает амбициозный и харизматичный DJ с Украины - Alex NEGNIY.
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Dave Seaman Steve Parry - Selador Sessions 94 With Andlez [03.03.2021]

55:45, 128.2 Mb, 320 kbps, 04 марта 2021 в 14:00
A weekly Selador broadcast (incorporating Dave Seaman's Radio Therapy Show) featuring guest mixes by Selador artists presented by label owners, Dave Seaman and Steve Parry.

In the crowded electronic music climate, it’s hard maintaining a blueprint that helps you stand out from the crowd but in its short history, Selador Recordings has managed to do just that. The label run by Dave Seaman and Steve Parry has quickly built a reputation as leading exponents of high grade house and techno.

Miguel Payda - Bag Of Tricks (INTRO)
Dj Beekay - N4 to Rusty
Impérieux - Modus Operandi (Original Mix)
S.A.S - Lynah
&lez - Somewhere Where (Original Mix)
Jesse Trinidad - These dreams are yours aswell
BLACK COFFEE - Im fallin

Ori Uplift - Uplifting Only 420 [02.03.2021]

01:59:51, 283.09 Mb, 320 kbps, 03 марта 2021 в 19:00
Harpaul Alberto Kohli (better known as Ori Uplift) — the owner and CEO of Abora Recordings and host of the weekly Uplifting Only radio podcast on DI.fm, iTunes, & Spotify — was born in Washington, DC, in 1980, to a father from India and a mother from Ecuador. In 2010 he started up a trance project called Trance Tehillim. In part through that he became friends with the then-owner of Abora Recordings, who ended up giving him the entire Abora label in the summer of 2012. Ori took over and becam...

Felix Kröcher - Felix Kröcher Radioshow 345 [02.03.2021]

01:00:00, 82.82 Mb, 192 kbps, 03 марта 2021 в 16:00
Techno from Germany has a long-standing tradition and many faces. One of its most famous is FELIX KROECHER from Frankfurt. Despite only being 30 years old, he helped shape electronic music since the mid 00 years. With his very own interpretation of techno he presents the zeitgeist in a way that does not care about trend but prefers to create new ones. His dance floor sound – first presented at the legendary U60311 in his home town – is alive at the really big festivals and the most famous clu...
Tracklist is not available for the episode.

Carlos Manaça - Magna Recordings Radio Show 151 [02.03.2021]

01:00:12, 138.96 Mb, 320 kbps, 03 марта 2021 в 15:00
Weekly Radio Show of one of the most important Portuguese electronic Labels, Magna Recordings, presented by Carlos Manaça, one of the main Portuguese Djs and Producers. Known by his tribal / ethnic background, Carlos Manaça presents a one hour mix recorded live by himself or by some of his favorite DJs and Producers. From Tech House to Techno,

01 – Lucky Roll – Metaphor – Magna Recordings 108D
02 – Carlos Manaça– This Is The Police – Magna Recordings 106D
03 – Chris Staropoli – Get It Back - Magna Recordings 103D
04 – Pete Tha Zouk & Bruno Marciano – The First Tribal Feeling (Saeed Younan Remix – Stereo Productions - Magna Recordings 105D
05 – Carlos Manaça – African Roots – Magna Recordings 106D
06 – Mark Boson – Allude - Magna Recordings 104D
07 – Natalino Nunes & Nikodemski – In The Club – Magna Recordings 107D
08 – XL Garcia & MC Johnny Def – Movers & Shakers (Main Mix) – Magna Recordings 100D
09 – Lucky Roll – Aligned – Magna Recordings 108D
10 – Natalino Nunes – Lemon (Original Mix) – Magna Recordings 102D
11 – Jan-X – Interplanetary (Original Mix) - Magna Recordings 101D