Uplifting Only 435 [15.06.2021] / Trance
Paul Nedokhliebov
Егор Батрудов
ребят какой трек играл в 22 27
Гена Шкодин
Kontroller Project на связи всем хорошего и приятного дня)))
Amruth Jalagam
why can't we see the songs from before
Леонид Ильич
Наталья Митрофанова
Denis Evlakhov
Стас Голоштенко
петр федоров
предыдущий трек - неплох даже очень..
Gri-Gri Gri
а название скиньте
Alla Lyutaya
Сергей Кузнецов
петр федоров
Acidova Cosmic Flow (blazer Remix) - бомба!!!
Сергей Кузнецов
Gri-Gri Gri
Gri-Gri Gri
Вася Питерский
Делает отличные темы!
Вася Питерский
Snesarev Sergey
стартуем через 20 минут)

ТОП лучших подкастов на радио по мнению наших слушателей

ТОП лучших подкастов на радио по мнению наших слушателей за неделю

Новые поступления из эфира доступные для загрузки на ваши устройства

Oscar L - Dmix 290 With Dosem [14.06.2021]

01:00:00, 140.68 Mb, 320 kbps, сегодня в 19:00
DMix Radio Show is the weekly radio show of Oscar L, one of the deejays and producers most important at Spain. Each week you can enjoy the Oscar L sessions in many of the most important clubs around the world.
Not tracklist for this show

Bonzai Progressive - Bonzai Basik Beats 562 With Aurelien Stireg [14.06.2021]

01:00:20, 138.42 Mb, 320 kbps, сегодня в 18:00
Bonzai Basik Beats is a weekly radio show airing on FM and Webradio for over 5 years, where top DJ's showcase a wide range of music including the best in Progressive House, Tech House, Techno and Deep House grooves. Past broadcastings and all tracklists are also available.
1º The Sei - Metroma (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix)
2º Hasan Ghazi - Aydin (Aurelien Stireg Remix)
3º One Rock State - Black Hole (Pavlin Petrov Remix)
4º Faraz M - Nura (Original Mix)
5º Planisphere - Atmospheres (Hakan Ozurun Remix)
6º Choopie & Shmuel Flash - Chilling Moments (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix)
7º Orphix - Satisfy (Aurelien Stireg Remix)
8º Mattias Herrera - Arctica (Original Mix)
9º Jaydee - Mokum Groove (Ewan Rill Remix)
10º Anthony Spallino & Aurelien Stireg - Ocean Depth(Original Mix)
Music in the Air is an incredible travel into house, deep house and nu-disco sound selected by Villahangar' s Djs,
01. TadiR - Postponed Sound / Armadillo Records
02. Nhar - Appel Lintanin / Seven Villas
03. Doyeq - Another Day / Manjumasi
04. Death On the Balcony - Silent Armies / When We Dip XYZ
05. Modd - Ariadna / Seven Villas
06. Microlot - El Born / Seven Villas Music
07. DSF - Aroma / Flora
08. Mundos Sutis - Solar Logos / Seven Villas Music

Ferhat Albayrak - Jeton Records Radio Show 121 With Ugur Project [13.06.2021]

01:00:17, 139.93 Mb, 320 kbps, 14 июня 2021 в 15:00
Born in Istanbul in 1977,  Ferhat Albayrak is a passionate Techno-Head since the beginning. Techno is the best genre for him to express himself in the object of the beat.Istanbul; a city of chaos and diversity, reflects and forms the basics of Ferhat’s Sound in terms of dynamism: distinctive, seductive, innovative and Technologic with soul.Ferhat started DJ’ing professionally in 1996 in Istanbul and took all the steps from radiowaves  to clubs, from events to festivals and became an experienc...

Chus And La Santa - Redolence Radio 028 With Neil Amarey [12.06.2021]

01:00:00, 138.32 Mb, 320 kbps, 13 июня 2021 в 23:00
Redolence Radio is the weekly podcast of Redolent Music, a new label founded by Electronic Music DJs and producers Chus & La Santa, that represents a multi-cultural and eclectic group of new talented producers from all over the world.

Redolent Music is the reminiSCENT of ancient tribal dance music, ethnic deep sounds, evocative rhythms, suggestive vocals, and scented drums that bring them into a modern Electronic Music realm.
01. Notre Dame - Tentacion
02. Chicola – La Ninã Del Mãr
03. Da Le (Havana) – Wemilere
04. Gorje Hewek – Forest in the Morning
05. Dj Tomer & Ricardo ft. Mayan – Fearless (Argento Dust Remix)
06. Knowhat – Tribalistars (Matt Sawyer Remix)
07. Notre Dame – Emowe
08. Neil Amarey, Lazarusman – The Summer of Your Life
09. Francis Mercier Pres. Emvafaya ft. Bibi Den’s Tshibayi – Bolingo Nanga
10. Dee Montero – Aria (Newman (I Love) Remix)
11. Tim Green – Sea Parade