Brown Sugar Guy Ohms - That Sound (original Mix) on Revolution Radio
Brown Sugar Guy Ohms
That Sound (original Mix) / House
Pavel Borovskiy
Всем добра)
ни как
Максим Евсюков
всем доброй ночи
Алексей Радькин
всем привет
Johnny Bates
прикольно тут
Мария Копышева
попса, есть что-нибудь поинтереснее?
Мария Копышева
Аэронавтика была крутая
Наталья Сурова
приветик всем)
Алина Каримова
привет всем
Stiven Brooks
нормально так жгете
Paul Nedokhliebov
Привет всем)Музяка найс)
Paul Nedokhliebov
Егор Батрудов
ребят какой трек играл в 22 27
Гена Шкодин
Kontroller Project на связи всем хорошего и приятного дня)))
Amruth Jalagam
why can't we see the songs from before
Леонид Ильич
Наталья Митрофанова
Denis Evlakhov

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TOP podcasts on the opinion of our radio listeners a week

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Snesarev Sergey - Aeronavtika 193 [20.02.2020]

01:00:36, 138.71 Mb, 320 kbps, February 21, 2020 at 22:00
Radio show Aeronautica- Flights in dreams and reality. Weekly radio show about the direction of the airspace Breaks'a. Every Thursday at 22-00 Snesarev Sergey invites you to enjoy really magical and subtle vibrations of music, which was immersed in real fairy tale. Unusual Atmospheric and dynamic, vibrant melodies and romantic mood - Aeronautica on Revolution Radio!

AiroMen - Mixshow 126 [20.02.2020]

Milan, Italy
01:00:00, 137.63 Mb, 320 kbps, February 21, 2020 at 19:00
AiroMen (Milan, Italy) is an artistic project born from a collaboration between Norberto Mentana and Federico Airoldi, professionals and long-term friends.

“Norberto Mentana” is a renowned DJ and music producer since the 1990s. In the middle of the 90s he became one of the most important “on-air personality” of the house scene. His radio show (Underground Station c/o Radio&Disco_Riccione) was supported by Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphries, Little Loui Vega, Victor Simonelli, Basement Boys e...

Federico Apadula – Going On (Original Mix)
[Chichi Music]

Dominic Aquila – Groove For Nish (Original Mix)
[Hatching Creatures]

Eddi Shkiper – Until Marc (Marc Moan Remix)
[Conceptual Deep]

Demarkus Lewis – Burn It Down (Original Mix)
[Subtractive Recordings]

Cinthie – Everything I Say (Original Mix)
[Beste Modus]

AiroMen – Love Revolution (Norberto Mentana Remix)
[2BE music] Power Pick Of The Week WORLDWIDE PREMIERE

Ben Remember – We Work So Good (Original Mix)

Alexander Cruel, Chris Valencia – Mandala (Gary Caos Remix)
[Casa Rossa]

Ale Martins – Black Rio (Original Mix)
[Cream Dance Records]

Ammo Avenue – Let The Music (Original Mix)
[Superfett Records]

Milo - Technoise 195 [20.02.2020]

Szombathely, Hungary
01:00:03, 137.48 Mb, 320 kbps, February 21, 2020 at 17:00
Horváth Milán, known by his stage name Milo was born in 1981, Szombathely, Hungary.
His major reason to start this job, is to make people feel the same way he feels, as listening the music, started recording dj sets with various softwares and he attracted his close friends attention.
He is working at his own firm, beside of this making mixes is just simple for the love of the music.
He's style is between techno, tech house and progressive a unique styles of earth vibes and rhythm section.

Michele Mausi - [r]3volution Radio Show 106 [20.02.2020]

01:01:05, 139.91 Mb, 320 kbps, February 21, 2020 at 16:00
All the best of real techno music played in vinyl by one of the techno pioneer. Michele Mausi starts is career in the early 90's with Subway Records, also was the resident dj in the first techno parties in Europe. Now from his new label [R]3volution Records, is born [R]3volution Radio Show, every week on your radio station!

Andrea Martini - Feeling Emotive 112 [20.02.2020]

Copenhagen, Denmark
01:00:04, 139.85 Mb, 320 kbps, February 21, 2020 at 15:00
"Feeling Emotive" is the monthly radio show mixed and presented by international DJ and producer Andrea Martini, the man behind the widely acclaimed boutique label Emotive Sounds. Every month Andrea mixes the his favorite new tracks together with bootlegs and upfront releases from his label and delivers an irresistible blend of distilled club music.