Sabe, Dhaze - Loba Night (Dhaze Remix) on Revolution Radio
Sabe, Dhaze
Loba Night (Dhaze Remix) / Tech House
Roman Depthsound
DEEPERTEQUE : Краснодар!!! Deep Silence Records, Different Attitudes,City Soul Recordings,DeepWit,Time 2 House Label
Roman Depthsound
Ryan Briggs (City Soul Project) : England!!! owner City Soul Recordings, a lot of releases on various famous labels!
real house music! thanks
Сергей Одинцов
good music!
Павел Дюндин
вап пап пиду
Vega Z
Pleasure 171 live tracklist!
Vega Z
01. Sasha Primitive - Little Baby [NYLO Music]
Vega Z
02. Luca Debonaire & Kiki Doll - I Gotta Know [No Definition]
Vega Z
03. Luca Debonaire - Rock All Night [Rawtone Black]
Vega Z
04. FUNKYBEAT - Backstab [Protocol Recordings]
Vega Z
05. Frey - My Beat [Up Club Records]
Vega Z
06. Downunder Disco - TrippyDisco ! [Disco Balls Records]
Vega Z
07. Bhaskar & Skullwell feat. Yness - Magic (Club Mix) [House Mag Records]
Vega Z
08. Styline - Move [InStereo Recordings]
Vega Z
09. Roven - Whale [Prison Entertainment]
Vega Z
10. Yotto - North [Anjunadeep]
Vega Z
11. Liu, Hollow Coves and WOAK - Coastline [SOURCE]
Vega Z
12. Mark Lower - Shout [Nervous Records]
Vega Z
13. Block & Crown x Damon Grey - Dunas [Jango Music]
Vega Z
14. KlangTherapeuten & Freiboitar - That Thing feat. Ladybird (Mark Lower Remix) [One Of Us Records]

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Marco Bailey - Materia Music Radio Show 019 With Ritzi Lee [16.11.2017]

59:57, 137.35 Mb, 320 kbps, 17 ноября 2017 в 18:00
What is MATERIA? A journey where the want, need & desire to feel the real techno sound is understood. Where music lovers can digest the passion in the percussion, the energy of people all around the world intertwined and coming together, experience the sensation of letting go - elements that constitute the foundation for what some may never get to fully experience... a pure musical journey. Welcome MATERIA - where techno is valued as a religion, the truest religion of all which unites through...
Not Available

Milo - Technoise 096 [16.11.2017]

Szombathely, Hungary
01:00:00, 137.33 Mb, 320 kbps, 17 ноября 2017 в 17:00
Horváth Milán, known by his stage name Milo was born in 1981, Szombathely, Hungary.
His major reason to start this job, is to make people feel the same way he feels, as listening the music, started recording dj sets with various softwares and he attracted his close friends attention.
He is working at his own firm, beside of this making mixes is just simple for the love of the music.
He's style is between techno, tech house and progressive a unique styles of earth vibes and rhythm section.

Andrea Martini - Feeling Emotive 085 [16.11.2017]

Copenhagen, Denmark
01:00:03, 137.56 Mb, 320 kbps, 17 ноября 2017 в 15:00
"Feeling Emotive" is the monthly radio show mixed and presented by international DJ and producer Andrea Martini, the man behind the widely acclaimed boutique label Emotive Sounds. Every month Andrea mixes the his favorite new tracks together with bootlegs and upfront releases from his label and delivers an irresistible blend of distilled club music.
01. Sidney Charles - On and On (Original Mix)
02. Distilled Noise - Trippin On A Rhodes (Original Mix)
03. L&F Project - For Ali (Original Mix)
04. Benjamin Damage - Montreal (Original Mix)
05. Bjoern Torwellen - Appendix (Original Mix)
06. Kaiserdisco - Orcus (Original Mix)
07. Stefan Obermaier - Lucky No. 8 (Original Mix)
08. Giorgia Angiuli - Multiverso (Original Mix)
09. Juan - Basia (Original Mix)
10. Zigan Aldi - Fidale (Original Mix)

Sergey Krasnov - Deep Inside 175 [15.11.2017]

Казань, Россия
01:01:01, 139.67 Mb, 320 kbps, 16 ноября 2017 в 21:00
SΞRGΞY KRΛSNOV - участник проекта DEEP&GROOVE, один из представителей "старой школы ди-джеев" идущих в ногу с клубной культурой вот уже более пятнадцати лет . Является частым хедлайнером ночных клубов и крупных мероприятий.

SΞRGΞY KRΛSNOV имеет за спиной огромный опыт работы, благодаря чему обладает отточенной техникой сведения, именно поэтому не один десяток диджеев предпочли пройти именно его школу обучения этому мастерству. Чёткая музыкальная концепция в виде лучших мировых Deep House, G-...

DJ WestBeat - Birds on the tree 232 [15.11.2017]

01:00:00, 137.35 Mb, 320 kbps, 16 ноября 2017 в 16:00
DJ WestBeat - Attila Brezovszki is a DJ/Producer from Hungary. He works as a DJ from 2008 and from the year 2012 Attila started to deal with making music. His style is Tech-house, Minimal and Techno. He already proud of his more than hundred released tracks and his name is appearing at bigger record labels more and more. Some of DJ WestBeat's tracks reached the top charts. His purpose is to deliver his music for more and more people.

DJ WestBeat has a weekly radio show as well which is now p...