Outer Kid, KL2 - Speed Cola (KL2 Remix) on Revolution Radio
Outer Kid, KL2
Speed Cola (KL2 Remix) / Breaks
Гена Шкодин
Kontroller Project на связи всем хорошего и приятного дня)))
Amruth Jalagam
why can't we see the songs from before
Леонид Ильич
Наталья Митрофанова
Denis Evlakhov
Стас Голоштенко
петр федоров
предыдущий трек - неплох даже очень..
Gri-Gri Gri
а название скиньте
Alla Lyutaya
Сергей Кузнецов
петр федоров
Acidova Cosmic Flow (blazer Remix) - бомба!!!
Сергей Кузнецов
Gri-Gri Gri
Gri-Gri Gri
Вася Питерский
Делает отличные темы!
Вася Питерский
Snesarev Sergey
стартуем через 20 минут)
Jack Smirnoff
Николай Арзамазов

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Stereo Productions - Stereo Productions Podcast 491 With Olly Klars [28.01.2023]

Madrid, Spain
01:00:00, 141.58 Mb, 320 kbps, January 29, 2023 at 15:00
Undoubtedly, Chus and Ceballos are the most solid, professional pair of Djs/Producers from Spain. Hailed worldwide for their excellent production works, including official remixes for world-renowned artists like Madonna, they display a remarkable versatility enabling them to play in small clubs to life-size festivals. Their marathon DJ sets
capture their genuine Iberican character, while their blend of styles between House and Techno lie in perfect harmony, accentuating the unmistakable beat...
01. Demetra ,Lafreq - Miami Funk
02. Rampa, Keinemusik, Chuala - Les Gout
03. Pablo Fierro - Tembo
04. Augusto Yepes, Calussa - Bayamo
05. DJ Chus -  Underwater
06. Eelke Kleijn, Joris Voorn - Transmission - Joris Voorn Remix
07. Ben Kyps - Susurrame
08. Olly Klars - Full Moon
09. Simone Vitullo, Emanuele Esposito, Brigitte Wickens - I Put A Spell On You
10. Offer Nissim, Mr.Black, Joezi - Mucho Bien (Joezi Remix)
11. Arkadyan, Safar (Fr), Manoo - Tulila
12. Ameme - Balafonerra

Christian Smith - Tronic Radio 548 With Filterheadz [27.01.2023]

01:04:18, 148.28 Mb, 320 kbps, January 28, 2023 at 16:00
Christian Smith has been at the top of his game as a DJ and producer for over a decade, but despite enjoying a global reputation as one of the most evergreen performers in his field, times have never been quite as good as they are right now. Born in Sweden, Christian spent much of his youth and early adult life in Germany and America. This exposure to different cultures gave Christian a broader outlook than most 30-somethings, even for a well-travelled DJ more familiar with Star Alliance loun...
01.Filterheadz - Waveriders [Tronic]
02.Uncertain - Renegade [Tronic]
03.Mario Ochoa - Knock on wood [Tronic]
04.Filterheadz - Quantum [Session Womb]
05.Lars Huismann - Dub Division [Mutual Rytm]
06.Filterheadz - Radiance [Tronic]
07.Planetary Assault Systems - Devotion (Truncate remix) [Token]
08.Shlomi Aber - Fxxk The Policy [Be As One]
09.Filterheadz - The Siren [Tronic]
10.Truncate - Work Ya Ass (Ben Sims JFF edit) [WRKTRX]
11.Filterheadz - Soulshake
12.Filterheadz - Retrospective [AnalyticTrail Rec]
Cristian Varela has maintained for more than 20 years an excellent reputation within the international electronic music scene. One of the friendliest characters you´ll meet, his experience and innate talent have gained him a privileged position amongst his fellow peers within the Electronic Music scene, and fast becoming one of Spain’s best exports and ambassador to the techno music. A DJ, producer, composer, promoter and entrepreneur. A full-on artist!

One of Cristians best known qualitie...
01, No Track List
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04, Sorry for the inconvenience
05, Thank You

Felix Kröcher - Felix Kröcher Radioshow 442 [24.01.2023]

01:00:17, 139.95 Mb, 320 kbps, January 25, 2023 at 16:00
Techno from Germany has a long-standing tradition and many faces. One of its most famous is FELIX KROECHER from Frankfurt. Despite only being 30 years old, he helped shape electronic music since the mid 00 years. With his very own interpretation of techno he presents the zeitgeist in a way that does not care about trend but prefers to create new ones. His dance floor sound – first presented at the legendary U60311 in his home town – is alive at the really big festivals and the most famous clu...
01. Felix Kröcher - Ignition / We Are The Night

02. DJ Dextro - Polished Zoom / Naked Lunch

03. Marco Bailey - North West / Materia

04. The Advent & Flug - Midnight Storm (RAW Mix) / Existentia

05. Danny Broda - Blaze / PHOBIA Music Recordings

06. Felix Kröcher - Dimension / We Are The Night

07. Zimmz - Qualia / Drumcode

08. Disfreq - Como / Diynamic Music

09. BEC - Phantasy / Factory 93 Records

10. Wehbba - Inertia / Drumcode

11. Frank Biazzi - Interjection / Tronic Ltd. Publishing

12. Muter & Romina Dez - Fascination / Tronic Ltd. Publishing

Carlos Manaça - Magna Recordings Radio Show 249 [24.01.2023]

01:00:04, 139.02 Mb, 320 kbps, January 25, 2023 at 15:00
Weekly Radio Show of one of the most important Portuguese electronic Labels, Magna Recordings, presented by Carlos Manaça, one of the main Portuguese Djs and Producers. Known by his tribal / ethnic background, Carlos Manaça presents a one hour mix recorded live by himself or by some of his favorite DJs and Producers. From Tech House to Techno,

1. Guitos Live – Fly – Carlos Manaça Remix - Magna Recordings
2. Lectroluv – Dream Drums – Joeski Remix – Afternoon Delight
3. Tom de Neef, Lazarusman – Agenda – Bontan Remix – 33 Music
4. Dave Meyer & Deeplomatik – Hustle Tribes – Adesso Records
5. Ben A. – Overview Of The Conga – Cube Guys Remix - Cube Recordings
6. Gunti – The Spell – Magna Recordings
7. PAX – Is It You - Realm Records
8. Lucky Roll – Move Like – Transmit Recordings
9. Siege – Waiting – Toolroom Trax
10. Basement Jaxx – Fly Life – Paco Osuna Remix - Mindshake Records
11. Stylo, Space Motion – Madan – Hurry Up Slowly
12. Todd Terry, Riva Starr – This Is The Sound – Hot Creations