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Stefano Noferini - Club Edition 227

Флоренция, Италия
01:01:39, 141.86 Mb, 320 kbps
Опубликовано 01 февраля 2017 в 18:00
Known to have a golden touch when it comes to dance floor destroyers, Noferini is a shining example that true talent rises to the top.

A long time champion of house music in all its forms, Stefano has been building his legend for some time. Always innovating sounds and crossing into a broad range of genres has been a key factor in his well-deserved rise. Never one to stagnate, Stefano has merged all the musical elements at his disposal into a brilliant sound experience that no one can match.

Hailing from Italy, Stefano Noferini is one of the nations most respected DJs and producers. Having been a pivotal force in Italy's burgeoning house music scene with his national radio show, Stefano forged a musical symbiosis with his homeland that still exists today. Years of top productions have cemented his status at the top of the dance music food chain. One peek inside ANY DJs CD wallet and you can bet they're packing something from this hit maker.
01. Nusha, Arno Stolz - None (Enrico Bellan Remix) Proper Musique
02. Daniele Kama,Alex Grandy - Go Bang! (Original Mix)
03. Gene, Daniel Pscheid - Love Poison (Jesse Perez Miami Poison Mix) Mr. Nice Guy
04. David Berrie - Blue Parrot (Original Mix) Monique Speciale
05. Not Usual - Faya (Original Mix) Snoe
06. Off Key - Range (Cristian Merino Remix) Over Records
07. Agus O - Scene 12 (Original Mix) Haliaeetus Music
08. Alessandro Diruggiero - Terrace Mood (Original Mix) Promo
09. Dee No - Grooving (Original Mix) Promo
10. Drastic Duo - Help Me (Original Mix) Promo
11. Pasquale Caracciolo - Boom! Promo
12. Sinphonex (Original Mix) Promo
13. Zlatnichi - London Underground (Original Mix) Noexcuse Records
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