Eelke Kleijn - Days Like Nights 339 [14.05.2024]

01:00:00, 138.1 Mb, 320 kbps, May 15, 2024 at 14:00
Eelke Kleijn is a rare talent. With work stretching across movie trailer scores, deep live shows and incredibly well formed production, he crosses a boundary from electronic producer and in to a true modern day composer. With peers and tastemakers standing up for this unmistakable imagination, the Rotterdam based music maker’s potential has no bounds.

With 2 artist albums delivered, an array of originals and first class remixes what he has achieved thus far would be any DJ’s reverie. Ultr...
01. Ilias Katelanos, Plecta - Truba [Melody of the Soul]
02. Madraas - Nebra [DAYS like NIGHTS]
03. Audio Junkies - Revelations [Moments]
04. Eelke Kleijn - The Calling [DAYS like NIGHTS]
05. Somelee - Kindness Is Not Longer Appreciated [Do Not Sit]
06. Molac & Nicolas Viana - Touch It (Unofficial Remix)
07. Kadosh & The Drifter - Jakarta (Day Version) [Feines Tier]
08. Enamour - Slip Away (Tim Engelhardt & Sean Doron Remix) [Lifeforms]
09. Eelke Kleijn feat. Diana Miro - You (Frankey & Sandrino Remix) [DAYS like NIGHTS]
10. Mind Against & CAY - Floral [Habitat]
11. Jean Claude Ades, Re.You - Together [SCM]
12. Nôpi - Stranger [Sommersville]

Bonzai Progressive - Bonzai Basik Beats 713 With Phi Phi [13.05.2024]

01:00:13, 138.21 Mb, 320 kbps, May 14, 2024 at 18:00
Bonzai Basik Beats is a weekly radio show airing on FM and Webradio for over 5 years, where top DJ's showcase a wide range of music including the best in Progressive House, Tech House, Techno and Deep House grooves. Past broadcastings and all tracklists are also available.
1. Foglight - Circuit Valley (Praveen Achary Remix)
2. Pepe Rubino, Kazko - Close Your Eyes (Kazko Remix)
3. Praise - Space’s Son (Original Mix)
4. Digital Mess, Ivanshee - Kramic Extension (Original Mix)
5. Maze 28 - Pulverizer (Original Mix)
6. Gai Barone - Like A Cat (Original Mix)
7. Jacco@Work, Rockka - Save The Light (Ewan Rill Remix)
8. Noise Generation - Feel The Agora (Original Mix)
9. Frederico Campero - Absolu (Original Mix)
10. Production - Close To Me (Forty Cats Remix)

Villahangar Captain - Music In The Air 300 71 With Dennis Louvra [13.05.2024]

59:59, 139.88 Mb, 320 kbps, May 14, 2024 at 10:00
Music in the Air is an incredible travel into house, deep house and nu-disco sound selected by Villahangar' s Djs,
01. Caiiro - Mapoch War [OwnIt Music]
02. Dennis Louvra - Valor [VillaHangar]
03. Radio Slave - Strobe Queen [Rekids]
04. Urmet K - Mantra Chants [Kindisch]
05. Dennis Louvra - Ikigai [EDCT]
06. Kamilo Sanclemento - Honest (Leandro Murua Remix) [Magnitude Recordings]
07. Maaura - Lunga (Dennis Louvra Remix) [Evil Eye]
08. Royksopp ft Alison Goldfrap - Impossible (&ME Remix) [Dog Triumph Profound Mysteries]
09. Guy Muntzur, Kamila, Khen - Children With No Name [LifeArt]

Ferhat Albayrak - Jeton Records Radio Show 156 With Maraxe [12.05.2024]

01:00:00, 138.53 Mb, 320 kbps, May 13, 2024 at 15:00
Born in Istanbul in 1977,  Ferhat Albayrak is a passionate Techno-Head since the beginning. Techno is the best genre for him to express himself in the object of the beat.Istanbul; a city of chaos and diversity, reflects and forms the basics of Ferhat’s Sound in terms of dynamism: distinctive, seductive, innovative and Technologic with soul.Ferhat started DJ’ing professionally in 1996 in Istanbul and took all the steps from radiowaves  to clubs, from events to festivals and became an experienc...

Dj Chus La Santa - Redolent Music Podcast 179 With La Santa [11.05.2024]

01:00:00, 137.96 Mb, 320 kbps, May 12, 2024 at 23:00
Redolence Radio is the weekly podcast of Redolent Music, a new label founded by Electronic Music DJs and producers Chus & La Santa, that represents a multi-cultural and eclectic group of new talented producers from all over the world.

Redolent Music is the reminiSCENT of ancient tribal dance music, ethnic deep sounds, evocative rhythms, suggestive vocals, and scented drums that bring them into a modern Electronic Music realm.
01. Vooz Brothers - Kante (Redolent)
02. Aitor González, Yamian Effe - Los Ñeques
03. Danny Serrano - Puñaladas feat. P.Rivas (Redolent)
04. Darco (IL) - Qatar
05. Geoffrey C - This Is Hot (Yes Indeedy)
06. Elisa Elisa - Kabylia
07. SIS - Caballo Gitano (Redolent)
08. Stefano Ranieri - Al Telun
09. Samer Soltan - Let’s Go
10. Daniel Rateuke - Jamando (The Deepshakerz X Black Savana Rework)
11. Stefano Ranieri - Sanda Sanda
12. Fiin, Pezlo MD, Vikina - Mi Tierra (La Santa, G. Zamora Remix) (Redolent)
13. DJ Wady & Afroloko - Dice