Milo - Technoise 209 [04.06.2020]

Szombathely, Hungary
01:00:29, 138.48 Mb, 320 kbps, June 05, 2020 at 17:00
Horváth Milán, known by his stage name Milo was born in 1981, Szombathely, Hungary.
His major reason to start this job, is to make people feel the same way he feels, as listening the music, started recording dj sets with various softwares and he attracted his close friends attention.
He is working at his own firm, beside of this making mixes is just simple for the love of the music.
He's style is between techno, tech house and progressive a unique styles of earth vibes and rhythm section.

Galestian - Global Entry Radio 027 [04.06.2020]

01:00:00, 138.26 Mb, 320 kbps, June 05, 2020 at 15:00
Global Entry is your passport to the most captivating sounds in underground dance music from around the world. With internationally supported releases on labels such as Perfecto Black and Outta Limits Recordings, travel to nearly 40 countries, and a long career in Los Angeles broadcast and media, enjoy a taste of Galestian's wide range of experiences through a carefully crafted selection of music each month – from deep and progressive house to melodic techno and beyond.
01. Niklas Paschburg - Tuur mang Welten (Original Mix) [Unperceived Records]
02. Marco Tegui - Hieronimi (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent]
03. Raw Main - Queops (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent]
04. DAVI - Home (Original Mix) [TRYBESof]
05. Marcelo Cura & Dubelu - Dancing with the Gods (Original Mix) [Kindisch]
06. Galestian - Divine Within [Ritter Butzke Studio - Release Date TBA]
07. Soul Button - Epiphany (Underher Remix) [Steyoyoke]
08. Rafael Cerato & IKARIUS - Haaraya (Original Mix) [Ritual]
09. Ben Bohmer & Malou - Lost In Mind (Volen Sentir Extended Vision) [Anjunadeep]
10. Dark Matter - When The World Decided To Stop [Mercurial Tones]
11. Arthur Galestian - Dancing On Jupiter [Outta Limits Recordings]

Uone - Ranch-o-radio 065 [04.06.2020]

01:00:00, 137.62 Mb, 320 kbps, June 05, 2020 at 14:00
Coming to you from the Ranch-O-Relaxo studio located on Melbourne’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Ranch-O-Radio is weekly show that focuses on all music that is currently inspiring me as DJ & producer.

Based in Melbourne, Australia; DJ and producer Uone is renowned for his unique sound and the energy it brings to dance floors. Uone’s sets encompass a wide spectrum of four to the floor genres, infused with a diverse range of influences; from deep tech house, exotic tribal rhythms, soul, ...
1 - Uone & Western - Culture Of Knights Mastered [ Beat & Path]
2 - Out of Sorts feat. Charles Wood - The Hustler [ Beat & Path]
4 - AIWASKA_feat._TYPIFY_-_Noir__Original_Mix__Magician_On_Duty
5 - Sanoi, Rattler - Walking
6 - Uone & Western - Silky Moments Mastered
7 - Denis Cruz & Los Subura - Uhuru_Original_Mix
8 - Desert Dwellers - Uone Mix
9 - Naza - Mantra_Original_Mix

DJ WestBeat - Techno In the Night 318 [03.06.2020]

59:50, 136.97 Mb, 320 kbps, June 04, 2020 at 16:00
DJ WestBeat - Attila Brezovszki is a DJ/Producer from Hungary. He works as a DJ from 2008 and from the year 2012 Attila started to deal with making music. His is producing music in Tech-House and Techno style. He is already proud of his more than two hundred released tracks and his name is appearing at bigger record labels more and more. Some of DJ WestBeat's tracks reached the top charts. His purpose is to deliver his music to many people all around the WORLD!
That's why he launched a new la...

Danko Skystöne - Inversion Radio 034 With None [03.06.2020]

01:00:36, 138.76 Mb, 320 kbps, June 04, 2020 at 15:00
Let’s be honest. The bio of almost every dance music DJ/music producer/ label owner reads the same. . . it starts by telling you how, “at an early age” they were in uenced by the likes of their mother/father who were likely musicians. . . maybe they rst learned of their musical talents singing in the shower, or their love for vinyl by raiding their folks record collection . . .
As a teen, maybe they started mixing hip-hop and landed a weekly residency at their mates’ house party. . . maybe ...
Tracklist: 034 Inversion Radio May 2020
1) Andromo, Chris Fortier: Pocket Full Of Wonder (Original Mix): Get Physical Music
2) OHMZ, Bodaishin: Chen Li (Savvas Remix): The Purr
3) Solid Session: Janeiro (Stan Kolev Remix): Outta Limits
4) Darin Epsilson feat. Alice Rose: My Own Time (Miss Monique Remix): Perspectives Digital
5) Ryan Wallace: Close Your Eyes (Ewan Rill Remix): Balkan Connection
6) NAHS: Meditation (Andre Moret Remix): Promo
7) Audio Cycles: Ghost (Pole Folder Remix): ICONYC
8) DJ Paul (AR), NAHS: Secret Place (Original Mix): Soundteller Records
9) Gux Jimenez, Valerio Boccitto: Serendipity (Original Mix): Perspectives Digital
10) Danko Skystöne: Last Dance (Main Mix): Inversion Audio
11) Chris Fortier: Losing Wait (Dubstrumental Mix): Fade Records