Liquid Soul - Have You Ever (radio Edit) on Revolution Radio
Liquid Soul
Have You Ever (radio Edit) / Trance
Николай Кошиц
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В эфире гостевой сет от DJ Foggy (Азербайджан)

Max Graham

Amsterdam, Nederland
Cycles Radio
Ближайший эфир 27 августа 2017 в 16:00 GMT+4
Max Graham needs no introduction, with Trance hits like “Sun in the Winter” and “Nothing Else Matters” and his legendary DJ sets he knows how to make, and play, records that get the dance floor moving.
After returning to the scene in 2010 Max released the first artist album of his career entitled RADIO, This album spawned such hits as “Sun in the
Winter” (feat. Neev Kennedy) and “Nothing Else Matters” (Feat Ana Criado) both strongly supported by Markus Schulz and Armin Van Buuren to name a few. To further this massive year, Max released Volume 2 in his successful Cycles compilation series, delivering a double cd of perfectly programmed melody, energy and emotion backed up by the newest addition to Di.fm’s Progressive Station entitled “Cycles Radio”.
2011 saw this momentum continue with “So Caught Up” (feat Neev Kennedy) which has been a mainstay on all the big radio shows and a top ten seller on Beatport and his Late night stormer “F.Y.C” showing that even with the more sensitive vocal’s he’s been releasing he can still make a banger. 2012 saw seen the continued growth of his record label “Rebrand Records” as it developed into “Rebrand On Tour” as well as the increasing popularity of his radio show “Cycles Radio” with thousands of downloads each week and multiple trending topics on twitter including a United States trend three weeks in a row. In the studio he also continued the Vocal hit parade with a collaboration with Star Vocalist “Susana” entitled “Down to Nothing” and Trance top 10 single “Still There’s You” with “Jeza.
2013 is shaping up to be Max’s biggest year to date. Along with the release of Cycles4 double CD and subsequent tour he has had another beatport top 10 with the club hit “Where You Are” feat Alana Aldea as well as a lovely summer dance track with Tania Zygar entitled “Diamonds” that broke records for listens on Max’s soundcloud page. In Summer of 2013 Max released “The Evil ID”, this anthem has been supported by Van Buuren, Schulz, Corsten, van Dyk, Tyas, O’Callaghan just to name a few. It’s on it’s way to being Max’s biggest record in years after hitting beatport at #2
Even though he’s considered a “Trance DJ” Max is never one to stick to a single style of easily marketable music as was shown in a recent “Open to Close” set in New York City where he twisted though over six hours of Trance, Techno, House, Deep House, Tech House and Classics. Max always follows his own path of finding great tracks from so many different genres. On his radio show Cycles Radio or at one of his sets, you’ll hear House, Trance, Progressive and Techno, but if you let go and trust you’ll have the night of your life
Cycles Radio 310
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Cycles Radio 304
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скачать Max Graham - Cycles Radio 304 бесплатно 02:00:00, 320 kbps, 275.58 Mb
Cycles Radio 303
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Cycles Radio 300
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