Club Edition 235 [28.03.2017] / Techno
Demy Chris
Всем привет! Есть кто онлайн?
Влад Томасов
хай)) есть
Стас Кошкин
Всем приветище!может кто подскажет как прослушать и скачать гремма сайкус радио
Василий Запорожан
всем приятного настроения
Евгений Жиманчук
Хороооший драм!!!
Евгений Жиманчук
Mooore Drum!!!
Антон Быков
привет revoluton radio
Виктор Антюфеев
Новый выпуск Past Against The Future уже сегодня в 23:00. В выпуске вас ожидает: - Аплифтинг композиция от белорусского продюсера Inspirer в рубрике Public Selection; - Убойный ремикс от испанца Blazer в рубрике Let`s Take A Break; - Треки и ремиксы от Alexander Popov, Sied Van Riel, Ronski Speed, Richard Durand, Roger Shah, Suncatcher, John O'Callaghan и многих других.
Виктор Антюфеев
Приятного прослушивания
Sunless Chillout
Yeah! Было круто!
Sergey Snesarev
доброго всем времени суток! с Вами Аэронавтика! Теперь каждый третий четверг в 22:00 по мск только отборные атмосферно-прогрессивные треки. Присоединяйся к полету!
Сергей Одинцов
Отличное настроение задаешь как обычно!
Aleks Fomin
Vasiliy Perfilyev
Здравствуйте, Сергей Снесарев! Аэронавтика - отличное радиошоу! Узнал о Вас недавно, послушал, понравилось. Скачал на PromoDJ все Ваши выпуски Аэронавтики с самого первого и уже все прослушал. Жаль, что так редко стали выпускать, долго ждать приходится новых выпусков, почти месяц. Радиошоу будет выходить как ранее, раз в неделю? Очень бы хотелось.
Snesarev Sergey
Vasiliy Perfilyev, шоу будет выходить теперь каждый третий четверг месяца, следите за анонсами на Revolution Radio. Спасибо за то что слушаете Аэронавтику)
Евгений Паняев
в dayz standalone это радио играет в приемнике))))
Евгений Паняев
постоянно его слушаем
Vega Z
Всем привет!
Евгений Паняев
Евгений Паняев
Vega Z Привет

Nick Fiorucci

Toronto, Canada
Ближайший эфир 18 апреля 2017 в 22:00 GMT+4
Call him a musical renaissance man. Nick Fiorucci is not just an internationally in-demand dance music DJ, but a highly successful producer, remixer, songwriter and record label head.The Toronto native combined his passion for music and his entrepreneurial skills from an early age. At 18, he had already become a top Toronto club DJ. After graduating from the TREBAS Institute with a diploma in the recording arts and sciences, he established his first dance music label, the legendary Bigshot Records.In 1990, he teamed with fellow DJ Michael Ova to launch Hi- Bias, a label that would transform the Canadian dance music industry. His contributions were noted in 1999, when Nick Fiorucci was inducted into the CanDance Hall of Fame. T he Hall, dedicated to the pioneers and builders of Canadian dance music, declared that Hi-Bias be recognized as Canada’s most successful underground dance indie. In its eleven years of existence, the still-thriving label has notched the impressive tally of 11 Juno nominations and one victory. It also gave domestic dance music acts much- needed exposure at home and abroad.Throughout this period, Nick has taken a completely hands- on role. “I have worn all the hats,” he explains. “From the creative and production side to the legal aspects of signing acts and licensing, right to the promotion and marketing side. I oversee everything from the ground up, from music selection to pre-production, where I may be collaborating as a musician or songwriter. I groom the artist, produce them, then press, package, release, market and promote themus ic.”Having headlined some of the world’s most notable clubs including Ministry Of Sound, Hacienda, Heaven, Sterns, Mad, and numerous more Fiorucci still finds time to stay on top of the international dance music scene by taking select DJ engagements in North America and Europe. Over the past decade, he has regularly attended such major industry trade conferences as MIDEM, Popkomm, ADE and the Winter Music Conference, where he was a frequent panel moderator and participant. As a result, he has built up an extensive database of important international contacts. Other labels have utilized Nick’s skills as a producer and remixer.An impressive list of international credits includes Katy Perry, Britney Spears, TLC, Eiffel 65, Brandy, Laura Pausini,ATB, Gino Vannelli, Masters At Work, M-People, Single Gun Theory, Kristine W, Urban Cookie Collective, and many more.On the music publishing side, Fiorucci isn’t just a talented and experienced songwriter. He has intelligently administered an impressive publishing catalog, placing songs and soliciting covers internationally.As head of a long-established independent label, he has honed his marketing and promotional skills. From marketing plans, sales presentations and advertising buys to handling media relations, retail, merchandising and branching into e- commerce, he has tackled every facet of the business with dynamism and creative flair.Fiorucci’s abilities as a business manager have been demonstrated by the way in which he has motivated a consistently growing group of employees into following his creative and commercial visions.This accumulated wealth of creative and business experience marks Nick Fiorucci as an invaluable asset for collaborative projects within the music industry.
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