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Rave Sensation (Original Mix) / Club House⁄Vocal House
Александр Хребтович
Александр Хребтович
Большое спасибо на настроение, воспоминания и за позитивный заряд на весь сегодняшний рабочий день) Удачи в творчестве! Побольше вдохновения и оригинальных идей)
Виктор Антюфеев
А всем остальным и тебе Саш тоже желаю спокойной ночи!
Виктор Антюфеев
Огромное спасибо!
Александр Хребтович
Александр Хребтович
Хорошая подборка.....
Dian Kaba
Sunless Chillout
Полёт нормальный! Всем Breaks! Всем лета!
Никита Чибисов
Отличный Breaks! Чуть было не уснул на работе, а тут услышал и ожил)))
Николай Кошиц
Vega Z
Привет! Настраиваемся на удовольствие!
Мария Лебедева
привет всем
Victor Antufeyev
Друзья, представляю новый эпизод Past Against The Future (PATF), включивший в себя: - Запись выступления на фестивале Энергия Лета 2017 , который прошёл 1 июля в минском аквапарке Dreamland - Мощный брейкс ремикс от Under This в рубрике Let`s Take A Break; - Треки и ремиксы от Nick Callaghan, Orkidea, W&W, Wezz Devall, Roger Shah и многих других.
Victor Antufeyev
Приятного прослушивания
Сергей Зотов
Всем привет! Очередной выпуск уже сейчас!
Диан Каба
я тут
Диан Каба
привет слушаем
Диан Каба
Dim Sd
супер радио!
Анатолий Карташов
Привет из Тольятти. Зачетное радио.

Simon McCann

Cohesion Radio
Ближайший эфир 31 июля 2017 в 17:00 GMT+4
Simon McCann took influence from Plymouth's Dance Scene after frequenting many venues in
his youth and listening to national and international radio shows. It was here he decided
Trance music was for him and although he was influenced by the more commercial sounds, he
found the more nights he attended in the city the more underground, yet broader his taste
Taking to mixing at the rather late age of 22, his tastes have developed to the stage where he
has played Trance for many years and it was after a friends encouragement at a house party
that he submitted a mix into the Liquid Pulse DJ Competition in 2013, which he won. Since
winning the competition in 2013 Simon has played at Ministry Of Sound in London, Volksfest
and this year he made in debut in Ibiza. He has also started producing trance and has had his
first three singles 'One Day', 'Black Moon' and 'The Unknown' all signed to leading trance imprint
Amassing DJ support worldwide with Paul Van Dyk, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Alex M.O.R.P.H giving
the thumbs up on his productions, Simon has recently launched the Cohesion event brand
which has brought Dave Pearce, Judge Jules, Public Domain, Lee Haslam and others to his
home town. 'Cohesion Radio' seemed the logical step and launched in January 2017, which is
already being syndicated worldwide both on FM stations and digitally.
Expect to hear a lot more from Simon McCann in 2017!
Cohesion Radio 026
Загрузок: 19
скачать Simon Mccann - Cohesion Radio 026 [24.07.2017] бесплатно 57:57, 320 kbps, 132.85 Mb
Cohesion Radio 025
Загрузок: 21
скачать Simon Mccann - Cohesion Radio 025 [17.07.2017] бесплатно 57:57, 320 kbps, 132.85 Mb
Cohesion Radio 024 With Leo Dantès
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скачать Simon Mccann - Cohesion Radio 024 With Leo Dantès [10.07.2017] бесплатно 57:57, 320 kbps, 132.85 Mb
Cohesion Radio 023
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скачать Simon Mccann - Cohesion Radio 023 [03.07.2017] бесплатно 57:57, 320 kbps, 132.85 Mb
Cohesion Radio 022
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скачать Simon Mccann - Cohesion Radio 022 [26.06.2017] бесплатно 57:57, 320 kbps, 132.85 Mb